How am I getting to Crazy Cook…

6:22 PM

Alright ladies and gents, it is time to buckle your seat belts and hold onto your drinks. Fried Green Tomato is booking her flights.

To say this is giving me anxiety is a severe understatement. It may not help that I cracked open a Founder’s Centennial IPA for this adventure, but, as per the Fried Green-usual, I called my mom to settle my palpitating heart.

This whole flight planning, plus Greyhound catching, plus room booking montage is exhausting. However, in the bottom of the ninth, just as I was about to text my shuttle driver, I saw a post on the CDT Class of 2021 Facebook group. Someone has copied my itinerary to the T and is offering the last spot in a car to get from Phoenix to Lordsburg to Crazy Cook ON THE SAME DAYS AS I WAS PLANNING. *insert clap emojis*

Meant to be? I think yes. Waiting anxiously for the reply to see if I just landed an alternative to four hours on a potentially smelly, probably COVID-19 riddled, bus.

Status Update (9:50 PM)

Annddd SCOOOOOREEE!!!! Ride from Phoenix to Lordsburg with Tom has been confirmed, my flight has been purchased, and hotel rooms are booked. phew Y’all, this is all starting to come together.

Of course, this is the exact point I got to last year before a pandemic hit. Crossing my fingers nuclear fallout isn’t next.