Preface to the Appalachian Trail

Nearly four years have passed since Markus and I started our Appalachian Trail thru hike on April 20, 2017. We spent 170 days on trail, living in nature and learning about ourselves. I meant many times to document our story, but lacked the dedication to put my experiences into written words. As the years have passed, I have found time muddling my memory of the six months we were on trail. Some moments still stand out sharp in my mind’s eye, while others have blended and I can neither recall the place nor date of those scenes. I now find myself piecing together blurred images and smoothed emotions that require diligent examination to determine where they fit in the tale.

With my upcoming Continental Divide thru hike this year, I knew I must put to paper what I could remember, for fear I would lose it during my next expedition. With starting this blog, I found the perfect opportunity and drive to share my story. Not just for others to take part in my fried green experience, but to help me remember the marvelous and challenging moments I endured on my first thru hike.